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Our selection for this entry to the 2021 season: the beautiful days are here!

Our selection for this entry to the 2021 season: the beautiful days are here!

The season that brings the sun into our lives is here!
What if we followed suit with a selection of baby slippers and kid shoes for spring? Choosing what will dress the little feet of our children sometimes requires concentration. Patt'touch offers the equation that many parents are looking for: comfort, practicality and good foot support. All with a choice of pretty colors and made in France of course.
Discover now our selection of soft baby shoes and kid shoes, all to explore the world!

Our baby summer shoes for flexibility and comfort

Balthazar, the class for your little fellow

The Derby Baby shoe | Balthazar Blue Magia model will ensure a timeless class to your little boy. In his stroller or in your arms, he will not want to do without this baby summer shoe with extra soft leather. Parents appreciate the ease of derbies to adjust these shoes to the smallest feet.

Alice, for little girls full of mischief

If you are looking for chic, you are on the right choice with Slipper Baby shoe | Alice Lilac veg. Its cute little bow for this supple shoe will be the perfect accessory for little girls this season. This slipper model is very practical to put on thanks to its elastic at the ankle. For this baby summer shoe, we have chosen vegetable tanned leather.

Gwenaël, to stay chic even at home

Even the little ones have the right to have a certain elegance with slippers. In addition to being easy to put on, these Slipper Baby shoe | Gwenaël Camel/Cloud veg are both beautiful and comfortable. 100% vegetable-tanned leather, this is our made in France elegance.

Our kid shoes for good foot support

Maël, to explore the land more beautifully

When we start to walk, we must not neglect the quality. Our Sneaker Kid shoe | Mael Rainbow is designed to accompany new colorful explorers. A growing child is a little one who wants to do like the big ones. So he'll love having Velcro to open and close on his own.

Thomas, to prepare for playing on the tennis courts

Choosing Sneaker Kid shoe | Thomas Caramello means having style from an early age. It's practical and it's chic. We would almost want to become small again to have the opportunity to wear these kid shoes made in France. No puzzle with white sneakers and caramello velcros; it goes with everything when you don't know what to wear between seasons. A hood sole with a reinforced toe cap will allow your little ones to experience great adventures on all types of terrain. With good foot support, your children will be able to run with their feet in complete safety.

Andy, for bold little girls

A pair of high sneakers with a lace closure for optimal support and fit. Children and parents dream of it, don't they? The Sneaker Kid shoe | Andy Gold model will appeal to little girls for spring and summer!