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Patt'touch, a family business with transgenerational know-how

Patt'touch, a family business with transgenerational know-how

We, Julie and Olivia, designers, are extremely proud to have given life to Patt'touch, our brand of shoes made in France, specializing in the making of soft baby slippers and kid shoes. We created it in 2017, yet its story unfolds 2 decades earlier when our mother, also a designer, and our father embark on the artisanal manufacture of baby slippers in the purest tradition of French know-how. We are embarked, without knowing it, in what was to become the Patt'touch adventure.

Raised in the countryside of South-West France, we have from an early age devoted a respect for nature, artisanal, healthy and natural products. Mother Nature has the subtle attitude of giving the raw materials she produces nobility, robustness, elegance and comfort. This is why, therefore, we have chosen not to use synthetic materials for the making of our flexible baby shoes and slippers. Especially since we know today that the processes used to obtain certain materials are not only harmful for the planet and by extension for our health, but can also create allergenic and potentially dangerous materials when they are in direct contact with the baby skin.

Chaussons pour bébé souple Ange Blanc

Soft baby shoe Ange White

When we decided to perpetuate the know-how of our parents in the making of shoes made in France, we made it a point of honor to make exclusively slippers and shoes from a natural material, leather, ideal for fragile skin.
We have therefore endeavored to find the best European tanners and the most conscientious artisans who are closest to us geographically. We thus supply ourselves as much as possible in short circuits in order to allow our flexible baby shoes and slippers to emit as little as possible of greenhouse gases.

It is in our workshop in the Bordeaux region that we pass on our craftsmanship in the creation of baby shoes from one generation to the next since we reproduce the manual gestures of the French shoe artisans, those who made part of our daily life as a child. We are particularly committed to perpetuating the reverse stitching, a famous traditional artisanal manufacturing process that allows the flexibility of the leather and the initial shape of our soft baby slippers to be preserved. We then learned how to make kid shoes to accompany bigger feet!

Chaussures enfant Basket Andy or

Kid shoe Andy Gold

Under the watchful eye of mom, we make all of our collections on site. We imagine our models, select the materials, cut, sew and assemble in our family workshop. Assisted by a team of locally recruited employees, we offer models of flexible slippers and baby shoes adapted to each stage of the evolution of children's feet and their growth up to the age of 10 to ensure their proper bodily development.