Our atelier

Patt'touch, a brand of leather baby shoes and booties highlighting a French savoir-faire

Made in France, Patt'touch leather baby shoes and slippers are unique. They are made of soft leather by hand in our family atelier, respecting the traditional techniques of French brand’s image, and according to the “stitch and return” technique.

The original shape of the leather baby booties Patt'touch stands out thanks to the creative touch of Olivia and Julie, both sisters and founders of Patt'touch.

The designers managed to make the baby shoes innovative, using original and surprising materials, as for the models Richelieu, Derby or Salomé. While giving free rein to their overflowing imagination, the two sisters combine craftsmanship and traditional French savoir-faire to their creativity.

This family heritage is the pride of the French brand’s young founders. Indeed, these two passionate have managed to perpetuate the traditional technique of “stitch and return” in their family atelier, in the South of France, by performing all stages of manufacturing, a way to pay tribute to a French savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation for more than a decade. Today, it is with you that our two creators wish to share their passion and their singular story!

The birth of the leather baby shoe and slipper Patt'touch: the art of going from the creative office to the creation!

The story of a slipper begins with the drawing that concretizes the creative work of the stylist. A fundamental and meticulous step that will allow the realization of a first

A slipper is made up of multiple precisely measured elements: the upper (front part of the slipper) and the quarter (the back part of the slipper), the insole and outsole.


Patt'touch’s leather baby slippers, "A French family savoir-faire"

The patronage and the cup

The next step is to transpose and reproduce on the “patronage”, a flat surface, the drawing and its volumes. This patronage, which is a cardboard piece, is an important part of the manufacturing process.

Here is a expertise acquired by Patt'touch thanks to a decennial French savoir-faire guaranteeing baby's comfort and well-being. The patronage is used for the manufacture of cutters. The punch consists of a cutting blade of steel machined by machining. For each component of the baby shoe, it will be created a cutter that, once tested and validated, will be developed in all sizes.

"More than a meticulous job, a real passion"

The cutterss

The cutters will be used by the cutter. For this, he has got a specific cutting machine that we call “the press”. The cutter places on the block of the machine a skin of leather, positions the cutters and, by operating the press, it will cut out each piece which will compose the stem and the soles of the shoe.

"Unique, high quality slippers that will be kept in memory of the first months of baby's life"

The sting and assembly

The various components of baby's leather slippers are then assembled during the assembly and stitching step.

The quarter and the upper are stitched using the technique of “stitch and return”, a traditional technique handed down from generation to generation and adopted by the French brand Patt'touch. In the mean time, the sockliner is prepared as well as the other elements that can compose the model such as loops, eyelets, shoelaces or ribbon.

To give the leather baby booties their pretty shape: the formage.

The formage

Once returned, the baby leather slippers are positioned on a hot shape to give them their final shape. This is the forming, the final step in the manufacturing process before the conditioning of the pair of slippers in its box.