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 Le Savoir-Faire Français

Our baby shoes are unique and we are proud to display our brand logo on them.
With our instantly recognizable, classic styles such as the Richelieu, Derby or Salomé, our creative expression is unveiled with innovative and original materials.

We are very proud of our family heritage, passed down for more than a decade, and the traditional stitch and return technique. All the production takes place in our atelier in the south of France.

We would like to share some of our history and passion with you.


Les différentes formes et modéles de nos chaussons bébés

The birth of a baby shoe. The birthplace of style and creation.

The story of a baby shoe first begins with a meticulous design provided by the creative designer.

A fundamental first step in the process. Years of experiences are needed to acquire the precision required to design a baby shoe with a precise and perfect fitting. The shoe will be excatly the same than the final result, in every detail. 

A baby shoe is composed of many precisely measured elements: the upper, which includes the upper part of the front of the shoe, and the quarter, which is the back part of the shoe, the insole and the outsole.





 "French savoir-faire and family know-how"


The Pattern

The following steps consist of transposing and reproducing the design, shapes and volumes on a plane surface called the patronage. The patronage is a piece of cardboard which is an essential element of the fabrication process.  An expertise perfected by Patt-touch thanks to over ten years’ experience of creating products for the comfort and well-being of the baby’s feet.

After a precise cut of each piece, we obtain the pattern of the shoe.


The Cutting-die

The patronage serves as the basis for the production of cutting-dies. The cutting-die consists of machined sharp steel blade. For each constituent piece of the baby shoe, a cutting-die is made, once it is tested and validated, it will be made for all sizes.


“Meticulous craftsmanship, our passion"

Les machines à coudre pour coudre les chaussures pour les bébésThe "Stitch and retunr", a unique and traditional processus of fabrication

The different components of the shoe are assembled and stitched together. The quarter and the upper pieces are stitched inside out and returned, which is known as the ‘stitch and return’ technique offering incomparable softness and comfort.

A traditional technique only used by the finest atelier and characteristic of Patt'touch.

The "stitch and return" preserves the softness of the leather and offer an exceptional comfort to the baby's foot.

A unique tehchnique preserving the form of the shoe to ensure its perfect fit.

Patt'touch baby shoes are designed to stay on baby's foot!

At the same time, the insole is made as well as other elements that might be used for the particular model such as buckles, eyelets, laces or ribbons.

"Exceptional quality baby shoes, perfect keepsakes for the baby’s first few months”


What gives the shoes its beautiful shape: Molding step

The Molding, giving to the baby shoe its beautiful form

Once the shoe is returned, the shoe will then be placed on a form to give its definitive shape. This is referred to as molding; it is the final step in the fabrication process before they are packaged and placed in their box




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