The story

Discover the family history of the French baby brand Patt'touch. Enter a family cocoon that stands out for its quality and love for the savoir-faire of soft leather shoes and baby slippers.

It all started in southwestern France a few years ago. Two sisters, Julie and Olivia, had the chance to grow up in a family of French designers and craftsmen. They have
bathed since their earliest childhood in the world of creation, in the world of soft leather slippers made with care and quality.

Creators, manufacturers and founders of the French brand for baby Patt'touch, they have cultivated this family savoir-faire and bring their personal touch to each of their collections of leather slippers.

Always in a process of transmission and under the benevolent eye of their mother who accompanies them in this family project, they decide to create their own French brand for baby soft leather slippers, Patt'touch. The two young designers then embark on the adventure and have fun imagining slippers that they would like to buy for their own baby or offer to their friends, young parents as well. They draw, imagine, dream, but above all create with love for the Mums & Dads of their generation, while cultivating the skill and talent of the previous generation.

notre histoire

The first drafts of leather baby booties quickly become a complete collection of which all models are designed and manufactured in the family atelier in France using the technique of “stitch and return”. From a sketch to an entire collection, there is only one step!

In the interest of high-end quality, the founders of the French baby brand Patt'touch choose the most noble raw material for slippers: leather. The skins are selected according to very strict qualitative criteria. Leather, which turns itself into a second baby skin, becomes the ideal support on which they will be able to give free rein to their creativity and originality.

The shapes of the leather baby shoe are studied and designed to respect the morphology of the baby's foot and allow its harmonious development and their perfect maintenance. All slippers, including insoles, are made using soft leathers that ensure a barefoot effect and provide the baby with the greatest comfort. With Patt'touch, French brand for babies, the small feet are respected and treated with love!